...we were like lotus flowers...
When you close your eyes and think of the 'World', what do you see?


You who swallowed a falling star, o’ heartless man, your heart shall soon be mine.

" You can do better. You deserve so much more.” In reality, you’re right. But sometimes when you love, you love the person for who they are despite what they’ve done wrong to you. That’s what love does to you. It’s not about whom you deserve, it’s about whom you want, whom you need, and whom you love. If someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the face. Oh sure, it seems obvious now, but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t think of it when it’s relevant. Seriously, just punch them in the face and go get some ice cream "

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" Finally I’ve found an anime where the characters really die and don’t just get knocked out "
—my friend who is currently watching DGM. I wonder for how long he will be happy about that one (via spooky-inkstain)


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Mazumeweek, day 1: Blush

We never forget those who make us blush.

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